Jan. 3rd, 2010 12:00 am
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Probably not as amusing or interesting to anyone else but after having just spent the day reading dull and predictable Guardian articles about feminism (for research purposes!) the stupidity eventually got so stupid it turned funny and i just had to share it with someone...

A reader's letter from 2006 sent in response to an article about the state of feminism

Natasha Walter's excellent article raises many pertinent issues, but ignores the destructive part that trendy male post-structuralists have played in analysing the experiences of women. Poststructuralists deny even that "women" are a common category, sharing certain social and economic conditions. We need to remind ourselves - as bell hooks once famously pronounced - the master's tools will never dismantle the master's table.
June Purvis
University of Portsmouth


number 1. "trendy male post-structuralists"? because there are no women into post-structuralism are there, june?? because there are no *gasp in horror* feminists into poststructuralism?? or a whole fucking field of study?? no of course its just those evil males trying to deconstruct the sisterhood into oblivion!


number 2. "the master's tools will never dismantle the master's table"??? oh my.


not only has she got the quote wrong but more disturbing, it was audre lorde who said it not bell hooks. but, you know, they are both black feminists, so i guess that's where the confusion lies! Possibly the worst mis-use, mis-quote and appropriation of Lorde/hooks I have yet to come across (which is quite a phenomenon by the way).

June Purvis, you may note, is affiliated with the university of Portsmouth. She is in fact Professor of Women's and Gender History there. She gets paid to, you know, know stuff about feminism and teach it to students. Which is really not so funny when it comes down to it...
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Oh ffs, could this article be any more dull and predictable?

Why does every single liberal/left media article about this supposed 'new feminism' have to quote and reference the exact same (white, cis, class privileged...) women/groups each and every time? 

I remember having this same frustrated conversation with a friend about this article about almost to the day a year ago. Oh yeah, and then there was this one, and this one and... well i'm sure I can dig some more out but really I have better things to do with my Saturday night/Sunday morning. Like sleep.

Reclaim the Night, Object, Natasha Walter and Finn Mackay are not the be-all and end-all of contemporary British feminism you know (in fact a lot of us, including myself, object to these groups or people representing us at all). To perpetuate this myth is not only lazy and blinkered journalism, but works to marginalise other feminist perspectives, and in particular, to reinforce white, middle class cis women's dominance within British feminism.

Not in my fucking name.

And goodnight.

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