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2010-08-19 10:55 pm
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More ways to donate to support Pakistan flood survivors

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with my reading page but hope to do so over the weekend.

In the meantime I wanted to post some more ways in which those who are able to can donate to support relief efforts in Pakistan.

Shirkat Gah, a Pakistani women's rights organisation:

Shirkat Gah - Women’s Resource Centre (SG), Pakistan, is actively engaged in providing relief to those affected and coordinating efforts across Pakistan through its partner community based organizations in synchronization with all three Shirkat Gah offices in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar. We would like to appeal to all to help us in raising funds. Your contribution will be highly appreciated and will be used to set up medical camps and purchase goods necessary for immediate relief such as food items, medicines, cooking utensils, clothing and shoes (the latter two items can also be donated to Shirkat Gah Offices). The funds will later be used for the particular needs of communities based on a reassessment of the situation.

There are details at this link (PDF) about how to donate to them. You can now also donate to Shirkat Gah online via MADRE (an international women's rights organisation)

Since my last post where I mentioned Hirrak  Development Centre, I have also found out that Avaaz is fundraising for them (as well as other local organisations - you can donate online here.

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2010-08-13 11:55 pm
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Pakistan floods

If you're wary of the big aid organisations and looking for a local organisation in Pakistan to donate money, the Enough blog has information about how to contact Hirrak. See this post: support for people impacted by disaster in Pakistan.